Congratulations to HMS Scholastic Writing Award Recipients
Joan Adler

Saturday, March 10 2018

Pictured are Brynn Thurber, Georgia Herr, Sarah Dresell, Milena Laputz, Maddy  Corson, Alexa Hankins, Ruby Hewitt, and Ari Rustad.  Not pictured: Fiona Brown, Amelia Marjerison, Callie Meehan

Thanks to Charlotte Agell for sharing this exciting news about our Scholastic Writing Awards recipients.

The Southern Maine Writing Project, in conjunction with the Literacy, Language and Culture Program at the University of Southern Maine, is this year's host for the Scholastic Writing Awards of Maine.

For 2018, Maine students sent 534 submissions to The Scholastic Writing Awards. Of those:

The following students will be honored for receiving Scholastic Writing Awards on March 16th at a ceremony at the USM:

Brynn Thurber

Georgia Herr

Sarah Dresell

Milena Laputz

Maddy Corson

Alexa Hankins

Ruby Hewitt

Ari Rustad

Fiona Brown

Amelia Marjerison

Callie Meehan

Congratulations to these students, their families and their teachers!