HMS Spring Sports

Yarmouth Athletics Calendar: Here you can also set up notifications to be alerted of any changes - be sure to sign up for practice and game alerts for your sport(s).

  • 8th Grade Baseball- 8th Grade Baseball Schedule

  • 7th Grade Baseball- 7th Grade Baseball Schedule

  • 7th/8th Grade Softball- Middle School Softball

  • 8th Grade Boys Lacrosse- 8th Grade Boys Lacrosse Schedule

  • 7th Grade Boys Lacrosse- 7th Grade Boys Lacrosse Schedule

  • 8th Grade Girls Lacrosse- 8th Grade Girls Lacrosse Schedule

  • 7th Grade Girls Lacrosse- 7th Grade Girls Lacrosse Schedule

  • 7/8 Coed Outdoor Track- Middle School Co-ed Outdoor Track Schedule