Free and Reduced Meals

As you may recall, Governor Mills recently announced that school lunches will be provided free of charge to all Maine students for the 2021-2022 school year. This is fantastic news for all families for many reasons, but to make the most of this program and others provided by the federal government, we need all families to fill out the Meal Benefit Application provided through our website.

We ask that each family take a few moments to complete this form even if you do not qualify for benefits. Families, schools, communities, and our state can greatly benefit from the data that is gathered from the application, and this application is important for a number of reasons.

·        The family income data provided by the application informs key funding for school resources. This includes school meal reimbursements, funding for Title I programs, funding and resources for after school programs, funding provided to schools from the Maine State Legislature for essential programs and services at school, funding for special education, teacher loan forgiveness, and much more.

·        Federal and state government use the aggregate data from the application to distribute education funding to schools across the county and state of Maine.

By completing the Meal Benefit Application, you are directly investing in your child’s education and the children and families in your community.

The application is completely confidential and takes just a few moments to complete.

Please assist us in securing all possible resources for our schools by completing the application today!

While all students are eligible to participate in our school meal programs at no cost, if your family qualifies for federal assistance, such as SNAP or TANF benefits, your household will receive a letter from us letting you know that your students qualify for meal benefits. This letter can be used for other important family services. If you do not receive SNAP or TANF benefits, but your household income qualifies you for school meal benefits then we welcome your application. Should your household income or family size change at any time throughout the school year please consider if you have become eligible. The most current application is available below. You may print, scan and email the completed application to the Director of School Nutrition at You may fill out an application online at, or you can mail it to:

Yarmouth School Nutrition Program

286 West Elm Street

Yarmouth, ME 04096

Your application and benefit information is entirely confidential. We do not share this information and your child will not be singled out or identified as receiving meal benefits. All students getting school meals have a nutrition account PIN number and are required to enter this number to receive their meal. No student is identified as receiving free or reduced meals by list or a ticket.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the Director of School Nutrition at .