I hope each of you and your families are well!

You have received regular communications from Superintendent Dolloff and Principal Klein regarding our school district’s response to the threat of COVID-19.  Please continue to follow the guidelines provided and draw upon the resources available.

I want to share with you the guidelines we have been given by the Maine Principals’ Association.  The MPA has communicated the delay of the start of the 2020 Spring sports pre-season practice until April 27, 2020.  They will continue to monitor the situation and will make the appropriate changes as needed to ensure the safety of all students.  The MPA has asked each school to treat this time similarly to how you would treat the hands-off time between seasons and during the two-week period in early August.  There should not be any organized team activity between now and the start of the spring season.  Coaches should not be organizing individual workout plans for their athletes and there should be no expectation that athletes participate in any type of an organized training program.

Please know that I understand the challenges each of you is facing and wish to share with you some healthy practices to help ensure you are taking good care of yourselves.

·       Exercise regularly and get plenty of fresh air

·       Engage in healthy mindfulness activities that help you manage stress

·       Practice good hygiene and clean items you use regularly

·       Practice social distancing – limit in-person social interactions

·     Stay connected with friends and family through safe electronic mediums and/or on the phone

We greatly miss each of you and understand the challenges that you are facing.  Most importantly, we want each of you and your families to be healthy and safe!  Support your friends and family and stay strong for each other.

Be well…

David Creech

Athletic Director

Yarmouth High School