Face Covering Update

April 28, 2021

The Maine Principals’ Association communicated their updated guidelines for face covering which are included at the end of this communication. Given the update by the MPA, the Yarmouth Athletics’ Guidelines for participants and spectators are as follows:

  • Masks are not required for outdoor practices/competitions

  • Athletes and Coaches may choose to wear masks for their own reasons

  • Athletes and Coaches must wear masks while on the sideline or on the bench during a game/competition, while riding a bus, in the locker room, and any indoor space

  • Coaches must structure drills and practice guidelines that allow at least 6 ft of distancing when athletes are not actively engaged in a practice activity

  • Spectators are not required to wear a mask at our outside events and must maintain at least 6 ft of distancing from non-household/family members

Maine Principals’ Association Communication - April 28, 2021

Face Covering Update

Based on the recent announcement regarding the wearing of face masks at outdoor events, the following guidelines will be in place for those events overseen by the Maine Principals’ Association.  Please know that these recommendations fully align with the Maine Community Sport Guidelines that have been updated.

  • Masks are not required for outdoor practices and competitions.  Masks are recommended when 6 feet of physical distance is hard to maintain (e.g., athletes on the bench). They are also required when individuals go inside (e.g., to locker rooms, rest rooms, or on a bus).

  • Spectators are not required to wear a mask at outside events if they are able to maintain 6 feet of distancing.

Michael Burnham

Executive Director – Interscholastic Division