The Yarmouth Atheltic Department is pleased to announce the new leaders of our Basketball Programs. Tom Panozzo has accepted the position of Girls Varsity Coach , and Ilunga Mutumbo has accepted the position of Boys Varsity Coach.

Coach Panozzo steps into the position of Head Coach after serving as the Assistant Varsity Girl’s Coach for the past four years. Before his assistant role, he was the Director and a Coach for the Yarmouth AAU basketball program from 2015 to 2018. He has a passion for basketball and loves the Yarmouth Clippers Community. He believes that there is a place for everyone in the basketball family and will inspire his student-athletes to become compassionate citizens. Coach Panozzo is excited about the upcoming season.

Coach Mutumbo steps into the role of Head Coach after serving as the junior varsity coach for the last two years. Before coming to Yarmouth, he coached at the Auburn Middle School from 2016-to 2019 and Lewiston High School as the Boys First Team Coach for the 2011-2012 season. Coach Mutumbo believes that basketball is full of teaching moments both for the development of skills but also for life. He plans to help each player develop strong character and leadership skills. He is excited to get the community involved in the overall basketball program. Coach Mutombo cannot wait for the upcoming season.

The Yarmouth Athletic Department is excited for these two new coaches and the future of their programs. Please helps us welcome them into their new roles. We are happy that they are a part of the Yarmouth Clipper Community!