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Dear Families of Yarmouth Student-Athletes,

The time is here to begin registration for the Fall 2022 Season! During the last school year, our coaches and student-athletes worked so hard to bring a sense of normalcy back, all while adapting to changing protocols throughout the seasons.  We finished the year strong complete with State Champions (7 total!), numerous personal records, new coaches, and new students.  

Now we must set our sights on 2022-23! Many high school teams are working on perfecting their skills with summer programs, and community programs provide many enrichment opportunities for our younger student-athletes to participate in over the summer.  For athletic registration, we are continuing with the RSchool Today portal, at this time Fall Registration is open and ready! Please review the information below - there is vital information that will help with your registration process.  We do ask that you complete the registration form for high school sports by August 11, 2022, and middle school registration by August 29, 2022 - this will ensure that every coach has accurate information regarding parent contact and medical information.  Please reach out with questions - a time in August will be set up to have individuals come in for registration help if needed.  

Any student who wants to participate in sports must complete the registration process. If you created an account last year, please use the same account.


Important reminders

  1. Parents must register their students prior to the start of the season.  

  2. The registration portal does not work well with a phone or tablet, please use a computer

  3. Only create 1 account per family - example - if parent/guardian #1 has already registered a student-athlete, parent/guardian #2 will be unable to register the same student.  The program recognizes that the student already exists in the database.  If you encounter issues, please contact the athletic department to help remedy the issue.

  4. Do not click add a student under the family member tab.  To add a new registration, go under the registration history tab and hit the REGISTER button, either select ‘new student’ or select the existing student and continue.

When registering online through the rSchoolToday Activity Registration site, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Contact Information for student (first page) - please enter the STUDENT’S email address here

  • Activity/Activities your child has selected to participate in

  • Parent/Guardian Contact Information

  • Proof of physical information (upload written documentation from the Physician’s office, drop it off at your student-athlete’s school, or fax it to Zoe at 846-2326)

  • Date of Physical Examination -  will be filled in by the athletic department when proper documentation is received.  Status will be listed as pending until physical examination is verified.

Note: Physicals are valid for 2 years from the date of the exam.   If the physical has expired, please provide proof of a physical, otherwise please schedule a physical with your student-athlete’s provider.

This must be done prior to the start of athletic participation.

  • Medical Information - history, conditions, medications, allergies, etc.

  • Primary Care Provider, Preferred Hospital, Preferred Dentist

  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Read and agree to the following:

    • Academic Eligibility for Extracurricular Activities

    • Extracurricular Code of Conduct

    • Sports Related Concussion (SRC) Information Sheet and Return to Play Guidelines

  • Insurance information

  • Electronic Signature

We hope that you have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you this fall! 

Go Clippers!


Sarah Holmes, Athletic Director

Zoe Adams, Athletic Trainer/Athletics Assistant