January 8, 2021 

Dear Parents/Guardians of 7th Grade Students, 

We trust this finds you all well. This letter continues the process of preparing our students for high school, a process that truly began years ago. As high school moves closer, choosing classes for 8th grade is our next step, and the choice for next year’s math class is specifically addressed in this letter. Laura Mike, HMS School Counselor, will be meeting with our 7th grade students in the coming weeks so they can choose their math class for next year. 

To aid you and our students in making an appropriate choice, we’ve provided descriptions of the 8th grade CMP math class and the 9th grade, high school Algebra 1 class below so you can talk with your child about the best fit for her/him.  

We will also host a virtual 8th grade math question & answer evening on Wednesday, January 13th at 5pm, (the link to the meeting is listed below) to address further questions you may have. Both 8th grade math classes offer engaging content and opportunities for challenges. Both classes require students to ask questions, seek assistance when needed, and practice a growth mindset.  

Please know that we consider teacher recommendations as one of the most important pieces of this decision. Your child’s math teacher knows her/him well as an individual and a learner. Teachers will review students’ day-to-day performance, understanding of math concepts, participation, classwork, and homework. They’ll consider class assessments, data from standardized testing, and mindset about math, including the ability to persevere with new material, and interest/hunger in pursuing math challenges. This 8th Grade Algebra 1 Student Profile provides information that can help you and your child in the decision-making process. 

It’s also important to balance this choice by considering your child’s interests and extracurricular activities outside of the school day. This may impact students’ schedules and time available for the increased homework load and to meet with teachers and seek assistance before or after school. 

As you consider these choices please feel free to contact your child’s math teacher, Math Lead Teacher Jay Harrington, and/or Think Lab Teacher Bob Gross, with any questions.  


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Topic: 7th Grade Parent Meeting Re: 8th Grade Math Options

Time: Jan 13, 2021 05:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


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Eighth Grade CMP Math Description 

We use the Connected Mathematics Project (CMP) materials which are aligned with the Common Core State Standards.   

Eighth Grade Math Areas of Study

Three-Dimensional Measurements

Linear and Inverse Variation

Surface Area and Volume

Pythagorean Theorem

Exponential Functions

Symmetry and Transformations

Making Sense of Symbols

Linear Equations and Inequalities 

Students who take Eighth Grade CMP Math can take either College Prep Algebra I or Honors Algebra I as freshman.


Ninth Grade Algebra I Description

Algebra I is a 9th grade, high school math class. The pacing of this class is equivalent to a high school Algebra 1 class. This is an advanced/intensive class in content and pace. Students taking this class will experience a significant increase in the amount of work and time necessary to maintain the pace and understand the content.   

We use McGraw Hill Glencoe Algebra I materials which are aligned with the Common Core State Standards. 

Algebra I Areas of Study

Surface Area and Volume

Pythagorean Theorem

Symmetry and Transformations

Expressions, Equations, and Functions

Linear Equations

Linear Functions

Equations of Linear Functions

Linear Inequalities

Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities

Exponents and Exponential Functions

Statistics and Probability 

Students who are successful in Algebra 1 in eighth grade can take College Prep Geometry or Honors Geometry as a freshman.


Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help with this decision in any way.



7th Grade Math Teachers - Morgan Cuthbert, Tate Gale, & Mike Hagerty

HMS Math Lead Teacher - Jay Harrington

Think Lab Teacher - Bob Gross

8th Grade Algebra 1 Student Profile