Dear Parents and Guardians, 

It is hard to believe that we just surpassed the one year anniversary of the pandemic. Last March we had little understanding of how challenging the many months ahead would be, and we were also unaware of the depths of our strength and resilience. Last March we could not have imagined effectively juggling our new reality, tolerating the immense grief and fear, all while remaining essential and steadfast supports to our children. Your efforts to meet all the shifting needs in your lives is nothing short of epic. 

Hope is surely on the horizon. Every day it seems we are getting improving news that is allowing us to envision a future that feels different, more familiar, and closer to “normal”. The light continues to lengthen, as flowers test their luck while emerging from the warming soil perhaps a bit too early. The familiar signs of nearing the edge of winter are returning, as they predictably do every year, seemingly completely unaware of the immense hardships we have endured in these last twelve months. And simultaneously, more and more individuals are being vaccinated every day. The signs are clear; we are getting there. 

Sometimes when we get closer to an imagined “finish line”, the pain of the marathon sets in. We suddenly have clarity and perspective on how far we’ve come, and what we’ve endured to get there. The final stretch can almost feel insurmountable. And yet… what we have all learned in this last year is that even when our reserves feel all but totally depleted, our resilient bodies miraculously replenish the supply. Hang in there, Yarmouth, and thank you for your ongoing partnership with school and for your loving devotion to your kids.  

Happy (almost) Spring,

Jess Townsend, LCSW - Social Worker

Laura Mike - School Counselor

Chelsea Beckett - School Counselor